Drawing You In by James Clifton
A store for up and coming artists and craftsmen
  1. Woman in Fur
    Woman in Fur
    Charcoal on Paper - $35
  2. Dark Reading
    Dark Reading
    Charcoal on Paper - $70
  3. Glasses?
    India Ink on Watercolor Paper - $40
  4. Book of Mine
    Book of Mine
    Wood/Wood Burning - Open for Commission
My name is James Clifton.
Drawing You In is something that I want to do and something that is sorely needed. New artists and craftmen are hardpressed to find a way to get their name out there. I will be acting as a curator to help facilitate this.
I have always loved art and I will always try my best to make sure that hard work and talent are rewarded. Being from a town so small that the next town over doesn't know where I live, I know how hard it can be to make yourself known. It's hard to get supplies cheaply and quickly and even harder to put your art up in a public venue without being charged professional prices.
This is where I come in. I will be promoting new artists and finding people who would appreciate certain pieces in their home. I hope I can impress.